by Connie Hall-Scott


Last night I finished reading Dr. C.K. Quarterman’s new (2014) book, “The Watchers.” Allow me to tell you why I think you should too.

Drawing from the King James Bible, the Orthodox Jewish Bible, the E.W. Bullinger Companion Bible, various other relevant historical texts, current events, and archeological evidence, Dr. Quarterman shines light on some of life’s greatest mysteries. Written in a way that anyone can understand, the volume challenges its readers to wake up and take stock.

Backing all of his arguments with scripture, Dr. Quarterman enlightened this reader, providing answers to questions I’ve wondered about much of my life – questions about our Creator, why the Old Testament God and the New Testament God seem like two altogether different deities, the battle of good vs. evil that has raged since the beginning of time, mankind’s role in it all, and more.

“We have a short time to blow the trumpet and make people aware that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are about to begin their ride,” Dr. Quarterman wrote within the first pages. Such a statement sounds extreme, doesn’t it? Perhaps even radical… paranoid… histrionic. But is it really?

As much as I hate to admit it, I believe America is failing and we’re in for some seriously trying times. Even though that is my sincere opinion, it’s hard to own up to aloud. Not only is it difficult to admit because I don’t WANT America to be anything less than the most powerful, secure, unstoppable country in the history of this world, but I REALLY don’t want to disappoint any of you by expressing an opinion that is controversial or offensive. I’d rather reassure you that everything’s going to be okay. Even in the face of contrary facts, mass delusion is more – well, COMFORTABLE. It’s easier to trust that our government, our experts, our gurus, have “got this.” But I’m going to scoot on down the shaky, politically incorrect limb I’m on and say – no, shout – that prophecy IS unfolding RIGHT NOW, as Dr. Quarterman discussed in his book. The aforementioned COMFORT most of us are shrouded in is a deliberately orchestrated illusion crafted by enemies of God and man.

In “The Watchers,” Dr. Quarterman expounded Biblical truths, filling in between the lines of more modern translations with unfiltered ancient Holy texts, history, and archeology. He thoroughly deliberated topics including creation, Genesis, pre-creation, fallen angels, Lucifer’s rebellion, heaven and earth, eternity, original sin, Ruin-Restoration Creationism, ancient technology, dinosaurs, pre-humans, angels, OOparts, the cosmos, God’s judgment, Nephilim, the Archon, the Great Flood, demons, the Tower of Babel, genetic tampering, UFOs, conspiracy, and the New World Order. Succinctly written in 160-pages, “The Watchers” is an advanced Bible lesson, an engaging history lesson, and an urgent call encouraging readers to THINK for themselves, to SEARCH for the truth, and to PAY ATTENTION to what’s going on in the world today in order to be PREPARED for what’s coming tomorrow.


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