Photo by Tracy Page

Ten year-old Kendra Collins is a fan of the popular Destination America Channel series, “A Haunting,” so when the opportunity arose to audition she went for it and was rewarded with a part. Tonight, at 10 PM, she’ll be among those anxiously awaiting the airing of the episode titled “Trapped in Terror.”

“I’m nerve-cited,” Kendra said. “I came up with that word because I’m nervous to see if I did okay and exited to see myself on TV. We’re going to pop popcorn and drink hot chocolate.”

Based on real-life occurrences, “Trapped in Terror” is about a character whose estranged mother comes for a visit and opens the home up to the world of the undead. The character then turns to a team of paranormal investigators who uncover the brutal truth of what happened in her attic years ago.

Kendra and her mother, Megan, traveled to Virginia to shoot the “A Haunting” episode this past July. Filming took a week.

“Girls road trip!” Megan exclaimed. “It was a really fun, welcoming experience. She learned the ins and outs of television. The director was Greg Francis, a laid back kind of guy who treated Kendra like an equal and always got on her level. His best advice – to me – was to leave her alone and let her experience the emotions of her scene to connect to her character. He said he was impressed that it didn’t take her long to get into her character, which can be difficult for a lot of child actors.”

7L7C5924 Photo by Elizabeth Pettey

Though Kendra only began acting in May of this year, she has already portrayed a Viking kid on the CW’s hit series, “The Originals,” and was one of six children to provide background on the upcoming Red Wagon Entertainment/Summit Entertainment Sci-Fi film, “Insurgent.” Locally, she took part in Dalton Ghost Tours’ annual presentation of “The Hanged Man” this past September. Kendra also models, having appeared in advertisements for Macy’s, Bright Stars, Poster Child Style Magazine, and Babiekins Magazine.

The daughter Megan Collins, Kendra is a fourth grade student at Westwood Elementary School. She’s represented by East Coast Talent Agency’s in Atlanta.

“I hope a lot of people watch the episode,” Kendra said. “Please watch. Don’t get scarred – leave your lights on!”


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